Monday, 17 May 2010

A plausible excuse ;)

The month of April took me by surprise and I couldn't believe it went past without a single post from me. I take full responsibility for that - my apologies. I have this bad habit of leaving everything to the last minute. This is mainly because I perform best under pressure which had always worked well for me. But unfortunately this time, circumstances worked against me.

I had my article ready exactly on the afternoon of the 30th of April and I clicked on the 'Publish post' button when I was done with my editing. But I noticed the internet had gone off. I didn't think much of it as that happens once in a while especially during peak periods and I thought I could always post it later in the day as at the time, I was also running late for my part-time job.

So off I went to work and came back in the evening only to find out from my sister, to my horror, that a BT staff who worked on our neighbour's phone line had in the process tampered with ours. She found out too late and by the time she called the BT office, they were closed for the day and since it was a Friday, their staff dont work on weekends. Monday was a bank holiday, so not until Tuesday before they can send someone to fix the problem.

Aside from the fact that it was going to be an unbearable long weekend without internet or interesting and favorite programmes on TV, it occured to me that I wouldn't be able to publish my post for April and I tried to device alternative ways to get it published.

Initially, I tried using my BlackBerry as an internet modem for my laptop (Thanks to my friend who is a network engineer). First we had to check if my phone supports the operation and to my greatest relief, it does but that could only be possible through bluetooth. At least, no hope lost. But checking the icons on the right bottom of my laptop, I couldn't find any bluetooth symbol! And I never found any even after going through the device manager in my computer!

Once I settled the fact that my laptop hasn't got a bluetooth to work with my phone, I decided to try the last desperate attempt to try and post my article. I tried posting through my BB! But working on internet on my phone is like that of a snail crossing a tarred street. I was still trying to log into my blogger account when 12am ticked by! And I thought, what the heck! I might as well wait to write a better blog for May.

I know it's not a good excuse but maybe a plausible one ;). But having said that, excuses are pit-holes I try to avoid most of the time. This brings to mind a favorite quote from an unknown author and drummed in by one of my pastors.

"Excuses are the tools of the incompetent, the monuments of nothingness,those who use them are not wise"

To end on a good note, I thought I would atone for my sins by submiting an early post this month and maybe even compensate by two (although that is not a promise). But I promise to make the next post an interesting one :). I know this because I'm already brewing up something good.

Enjoy your week!