Thursday, 4 February 2010

My Views on Blogging

Phew! It’s another month already! How the weeks flew by so quickly is beyond me, but what can a poor girl who is overwhelmed with a job and less time for writing do?

I thought I’ll hand in my post early this month before it becomes too late to do so. You must also agree with me that maintaining one blog can be arduous let alone three! I had wanted only one blog that I can focus on but somehow, I ended up with three. The simple reason was the fact that I found some more popular and user-friendly than others. I think my frustration came after I tried to share some of my articles on twitter and some other search engines, only to find out that my blog wasn't listed among the most popular services for sharing :-(. And even though I have been with this particular blog since 2007, I think my loyalty stopped at that moment.

But having said that, based on my experience, I have come to the conclusion that every blog has got its own strength and weaknesses, no blog is the same. So my advice will be to stick to whatever blog you have so you can have maximum control over the time you channel into it.

However, it’s still not too late if you have opened more than one, like I have. The good thing is with one blog, you can incorporate your other blogs so your writing doesn't become obsolete. On this blog, which is my new one, I have set one of my blog on my profile as a wish list and the other one as a web page. By doing so, I am giving all my fans equal opportunity to read my articles.

I have decided to use this particular blog as my personal journal. I think I have been a bit too professional in my other blogs. I haven't really given my fans a glimpse of my personality in my other blogs. So this is strictly going to be my personal views on different matters and a way to self discovery. Please excuse my mistake, my subjectivity, my typos and my choice of words.

The thought of airing my view on this itself is exhilarating. I think I am beginning to enjoy myself already. This is the way it should be, isn’t it? Blogging should be more about fun. It is also about expression and giving voice to your thoughts because most times, spoken words are lost in translation.

The secret to a successful blogging, in my opinion, is to keep writing more and more articles, also make as many friends as you can and give as much as you want to get. By this, I mean reading and contributing to your other writers' blog. This way, you are also advertising your own blog on theirs. It will increase people's curiousity and direct some traffic to your blog as well. Believe me, it works!

I think I’ll leave you with this note. I hope to make the next post better with the consolation that writing can only get better and better with practice. Goodluck with your blogging. Cheers.