Wednesday, 31 March 2010

When Steam Run Out

My apologies for posting this entry very late. I wasn't intentionally trying to ignore you. Its been a crazy month but I wouldn't let it go without a fight.Thats why I have this determination to post this, even if it was the last minute of the 31st of March.

I had to rack my brain for a suitable subject but couldn't come up with one, so I decided to share my own experience perhaps someone would relate to that.

Have you ever started something cheerfully and then along the way got discouraged because things are not going as expected. Thats the feeling I had when I started the month and even the year generally (as you all know, one-third of the year is gone already. And before we know it, the whole year!)

Its a similar feeling to when I got a new job one time and I was excited to start this particular job. Each morning, I would wake up with excitement knowing I have a job to go to. But as days rolled into weeks and weeks into months and years, I began to loose interest and the motivation wasn't just there anymore.

The same feeling can be applied to job hunting. When you feel excited and motivated after applying for various job vacancies. You must agree that job searching, itself is a job. You can imagine the boredom and mental exhaustion you get trying to scale through the same rigorous questions from different employers. And the feeling of immense relief when you finally press the send button for your application to be accepted. But after endless expectation, one or two reply to say the dreaded word 'We are sorry your application is not successful'.

Or lets take a look at another scenerio, when you have an idea of a business proposal and you were able to finally put your business into action. But along the line, you feel discouraged when the effort and capital you invested still hasn't resulted in much profit

We can go on and on to count a thousand and one cases of situations and challenges that arise to test our patience and tenacity. But they all come under one umbrella, no matter the angle from which you want to look at it.

It is okay to run out of steam or feel discouraged at certain point in life as we are all human. I think it would be untruthful to deny those feelings ever existed within us. We can either ignore it and keep feeling sorry for ourselves or pay attention to it and use it for our strength.

When we pay attention to those feelings, we can turn it around for our own good because strength and resilience comes from acknowledging that we are running out of steam and need to energise ourselves so we don't die down.

If you feel one strategy isn't working, why don't you try another approach. Or if you feel you are not where you are meant to be, then maybe its time to move on. I know it may sound too easy but I think its best to be accused of trying than to give up and attain nothing. (I had to rephrase that and I kinda liked it :).

Hope someone is inspired by this because I just did. In a way I was speaking for myself :)