Monday, 2 January 2012

A Positive Swagger :D

Its the beginning of another year. 'Oh Kenny, like we don't already know that, I hear you say.' But hang on! Its just not like any other year for me. This time, it's different and special. Yes, special. I just feel excited and positive about this year already. But why? I also don't know. I just have an inkling that its going to be a good one. And I'm beginning to believe it in my bones.

Perhaps, it could be because I have chosen to sing a new song. A song of positivity. Another reason could be because of a happy family event coming up in a few month. All of these are just beginnings of good things to come and before I know it, I would be counting all my blessings.

Happiness is a mental state characterized by positive emotions. So why not be positive about life? It is so easy to be happy but a lot of times, we forget how to be. Or sometimes we think our happiness lie in someone or in things. And by things, I mean money, cars, clothes, security, you name what your things are. It is only when we get those things or the someone and you still have that compressed face or the sulky and wishy-washy mouth, then do you start to question why everything seems to be going wrong for you. Oh poor me. Does that not sound too familiar? You need to stop it! Stop it!!!

Ok, I'll go softer on you now. The power to be happy is within you. The answer is right inside of you. I know it sounds more easier said than done. But at the end of the day, what have you got to loose? As a matter of fact, you have got a lot more to gain. What is the point of being negative when you could be experiencing intense joy through positivity. And if things don't turn out the way you hoped through your positivity, at least you have saved yourself a heartache or severe health issue. And this doesn't mean things wouldn't turn out good eventually. It always does in the end and then we wonder why we almost killed our self with worry.

This year, I'm making a mental shift. I'm leaving the boat of negativity and jumping on the ship of positivity. I have got my positive swagger on. Is anyone coming along with me? Happy New year, everyone!