Saturday, 9 January 2010

A New Start

Let me first start by saying a Happy New Year to you all. I hope this year brings many great opportunities and I hope it also gives us the maturity to face challenges. Because lets face it, challenges would always come but how we deal with it is the true test of our character.

However, I am surprised at the rapid rate the year is already moving and I am struggling hard to move at the same pace. I had planned to post this a little earlier but due to other things competing for my attention and undeniably procrastination on my part, I had delayed it to this very moment.

This is the more reason why I don't try to set unattainable targets for myself. Although it might work for some people but I have stopped making New year resolutions because I have let myself down several times. I have learnt to take each challenges as it comes and to be as organized as possible. This is because most times, I start the new year with great expectations and enthusiasm and then run out of steam along the way. Then disappointment sets in and the worst feeling to have is the feeling of failure. I have been down that road several times but 'touch wood', I have always picked myself back up again.

Reflecting on the year 2009, it had been a roller coater really. If I were to draw a graph, I would be exact. It had started off alright (in spite of the recession) with my sister's wedding and then went down a bit, with the school on my neck for the payment of my school fees and back up again with a new relationship (Believe me, I was walking on the cloud) and then down (you must have guessed), when the relationship broke up.

Although I have to admit I have never ended a year on a sad note but I did in 2009 and that had to even happen two days before New year!. But I like the saying, 'what doesn't kill you makes you stronger'. Although at the moment, I don't know about stronger as that is relative, but I have come to accept the inevitable and stopped blaming myself for what happened.

In everything I try to remain positive. Believe me, that always works. It might sound like a false expectation or a way of escapism but so does worrying. Worrying is even worse because of its health risk. So of what use is it then?

I think writing this, in a way, is therapeutic for me. And as I am still trying to get a grips of the good things to come this year, I hope someone out there is also encouraged by this. And if you are also facing a heart break, the song 'I haven't met you yet' by Michael Buble might be helpful. I think I must have listened to it a hundred times now. It sounds very positive to me.

And if you would like to share your views on New year resolutions and your experience of the year 2009, please feel free to post your comments.

Happy New Year! :)

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