Monday, 30 April 2012

My Secret Recommendation To Happiness

The past few months that I have last posted on here have been the most fruitful ones ever. Fruitful in the sense that I learned a lot about myself in leaps and bounds that I never imagined I could possibly can. And this has made me come into a sort of sound maturity to help me and others through any difficult situations that may arise in future.

But before I begin to sound smug or like someone who has got life all figured out, I would say that I haven't got the slightest clue to life as there are limitlessness lessons to learn from it every time. It deals you a lot of blows but you've got to learn to fight back. You will fall, but don't stay down for long. If I did, I wouldn't be sharing this with you.

I'm sure you are as anxious to know about this 'secret recommendation to happiness' as I'm in getting it across to you in simple language. And my journey to this discovery didn't start smooth. It had been a rough ride. Yes, rough ride. It was bumpy, lumpy and it’s got a lot of potholes too. Who says life is an easy road?

When we experience success, we feel good about ourselves but when we are faced with failure, it is often accompanied by a feeling of depression. When this happens, we begin to blame ourselves for what went wrong and then we feel sorry for ourselves for days, weeks, months...Trust me, when you are in this state, nothing makes any sense. Even few encouraging words from people or the love from family only lasts for a space of time before we relapse again. But how do you bring yourself out of this state of depression and unhappiness?

It is no different from how I felt when I went through some setbacks and rejections for a particular period in my life. I pulled through by first acknowledging my feelings and the reason why I felt what I felt. Then comes the shocking remedy called gratefulness. There, I have just let the secret out. I began to be grateful for the setbacks and rejections that came my way, because if they hadn't, I wouldn't have been able to discover a lot about myself. I wouldn't have been able to know my weakness and how best to work hard at making it my strength. And all of a sudden everything else began to add up. I'm a strong believer in the biblical principle which says 'in everything, give thanks.' It is so true and it eases a lot of burdens and pain we carry in our hearts.

When you are grateful in everything, it opens up a lot of positive energy within you and it makes you reason differently and where will you go in life without positivity? Being grateful is the most difficult thing to do when you are in a mess or when you are in so much pain. But that is also where your victory lies. So when you find that moment of sanity and you want to break free, search within yourself and find a reason to be grateful. And know this that you are never alone in your pain, there is always someone who had been in a similar situation before or even worse. So look inside and count your blessings, you'll be surprised what you find and the peace you derive from it. I'll leave you with this quote 'true happiness is hidden in a grateful heart'.

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