Thursday, 19 August 2010

My Sushi Experience

I am very adventurous when it comes to food. Aside from my usual taste of African foods, I like to try out different dishes ranging from continental to oriental. My instinct would be to try it first to see whether its something I would like or not and if I decide its for me, I always tend to make it my own, to the extent that I can sometimes go out of my way to learn to cook it. But if not, I stay away from it completely. I have always been a huge fan of Chinese and I like India as well, particularly tikka masala. Recently, I have just tried the Spanish 'tapas' and 'Paella' - lovely, by the way. But having said that, I will let my focus be on sushi for now.

I stumbled on sushi on a wimp. While I love Chinese, I would never dream of taking myself to a sushi bar for a meal, no offense to the Japanese. In fact, I was just around Westminster in London on a visit with a friend when I walked past Yo Sushi restaurant. We both were very hungry and wanted to have a quick snack before dinner which wouldn't be till later in the evening. Looking into the restaurant, which I thought looked very inviting, I could see the arrays of color-coded bowls being rotated on a conveyor belt, and I couldn't help but be enticed and curious. Going against my better judgment, I thought, why not? Sometimes some risk are worth taking. But in all my acquired taste, I still find Sushi very daunting. Perhaps this is due to the fact that majority of its components are raw never mind the taste of seaweed which I wouldn't normally eat on a good day.

Each step towards the restaurant filled me with doubt as well as anxiety but I didn't look back. Even as the waiter lead us to a seat on the bar, with the menu shoved in our hands, he asked us to choose from any variety of classic dishes ranging from sashimi,tempura, salads and sushi s being passed around on the conveyor belt. Looking at the ladies who were busy and fast at work, making and cutting freshly-made sushi from rice, sea-foods, fish and seaweed, I was encouraged to try my first taste of the sushi which can be compared to mamyte (you can either love it or hate it). And they are not all raw by the way. Its all a matter of choice, depending on the color of bowl you choose from. I settled for a cooked option which was a cooked prawn and chives with mayonnaise with my drink clasp in my hand ready to be gulped down just in case it doesn't go down well. To my expectation, it wasn't bad at all! I liked it. And that gave me the courage to try the raw option (their signature dish) - salmon, avocado, masago (fish roe) and mayonnaise. That also tasted excellent. Others followed, California roll, spicy chicken while also keeping a tab of out budget. Because even though the price of one dish could be as low as £1.70 or £2.30. You could end up with a huge bill if your main target is to fill up.

I left the restaurant feeling satisfied and accomplished. The whole experience was worth it. At least now, I can boldly say, I have tried sushi before. So its a case of 'Been there, done that and got the tee-shirt :D'. But if you ask me if I would want to go back again, I would say probably not. Its not something I would want to have as a meal. So no thanks. I think you should also try it and let me know what you think :D.

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